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Paul DuBay
Social Studies Department
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Courses: World Geography, Speech

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 1981, Incarnate Word College (UIW)
  Master of Arts, 1991, Incarnate Word College (UIW)

The always handsome yet ever modest Paul DuBay was born among the Midwest corn fields on August 15, 1958, and was raised in Corydon, Iowa.

A graduate of the bicentennial class of 1976, Paul earned his Associate of Arts from Ottumwa Heights College, in 1979. (This was the happiest year of his early life.) That same year, Paul moved to San Antonio, Texas to attend (then) Incarnate Word College, from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1981.

After earning his teaching certificate in 1983, Paul started his professional career at St. Gerard Regional High School (1984-87). From there, Paul moved to Fresno, CA and taught in the public school (1987-90).

Paul returned to Incarnate Word College in 1990, earning his Master of Arts in Peace & Justice in 1991. While also instructing driver education on the side, Paul taught at Holy Rosary Elementary School (1993-97), and taught theology at Incarnate Word High School (1998-99).

Then came sabbatical time and, after two years of schmoozing with various world leaders and bringing (albeit temporary) peace in the Middle East, Paul returned to Incarnate Word High School in August of 2001, and is still there. (On October 7, 2015, Paul was recognized for 15 years of service to IWHS, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, and their mission. Praised be the Incarnate Word! Forever! Amen!)

Of the many blessings and highlights of his life, unexpectedly Heaven-sent delight came to him on October 15, 2005 when Paul’s life-long dream come true. He saw Paul McCartney (formerly of The Beatles) in concert for the first time, and that day produced an undeniably positive change in his life. So why does he often repeatedly ask, “Have I told you I like Paul McCartney?” Paul hopes to clarify that he is not a Beatles fan and adds that, “It is fun being a fan of Sir Paul.” The ultimate joy came on August 15, 2009 when Paul saw Sir Paul in concert on his 51st birthday. He refers to that time as “one of the Top Five Days of my life!”

Paul’s hobbies include listening to music, attending concerts, getting with friends, writing, making a series of youtube videos called “Letters from Balconius Maximus” and signing off emails with the following words:

"The person playing in Texas (May 22-23, 2013) named Paul McCartney, is the most famous human being on planet Earth. There is no one bigger than Paul McCartney." (San Antonio Express-News, Sunday, May 19, page J7.)

“Have I told you I like Paul McCartney? It's fun being a fan of Paul McCartney!” 

Phone: 210-829-3100, x1746 Email: Paul DuBay Advisory: 112