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Community Service

Service is an integral element of the Incarnate Word High School experience.  Students have a graduation requirement of one hundred service hours (a minimum of 25 each year enrolled as a student).  This is one way our students share in the spirit of Christian service and social justice. In deciding what specific activities fulfill the service requirement, the most important criterion is one of need. Our students are encouraged to identify needs in the community and to commit the greater percentage of service hours to those needs. The goal is to serve and learn from people themselves, particularly those who are disenfranchised from society.  Helping other people and participating in works of justice are important for character development. Service is hard work and requires commitment. Involvement in service teaches our students that we are needed and that we do make a difference.      
Campus Ministry is designed to encourage the faith lives of our students while encouraging and providing opportunities for service to the school and the wider community. When needed, each student is given assistance to discern her gifts and how she can best serve others.

In the spirit of Christian service that encouraged and influenced the first Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, IWHS seeks to "foster a sensitivity to and a recognition of social problems and injustices, and to engender a responsibility and an inclination toward corrective action voluntarily undertaken." (Mission Statement of Congregation)

Fall Semester

All Students
Service Hours Due                 Friday, December 3, 2018

Spring Semester

Service Hours Due                 Thursday, March 29, 2019

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior
Service Hours Due                 Thursday, April 18, 2019