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Living at IWHS

Model Room
Madeleine Hall is a community of high school age residents from around the world that are self-motivated and working towards becoming prepared for their college experience. As a team of educators, we strive to create a climate of care for our residents by providing guidance and fun educational experiences on and off campus. We encourage participation in after-school student organizations and service opportunities that help residents grow and develop into successful leaders at school and within the community. 
Madeleine Hall consists of double and single rooms. Residents requesting single rooms must apply. Single rooms are reserved for returning residents or upperclassmen, due to limited availability. Madeleine Hall also has common areas that provide a space for the residents to engage in activities during their after-school time or on weekends.
  • Lounge with beauty corner including vanity set-up, study table, x-box, and large-screen TV
  • Furnished kitchen with access to cookware and appliances
  • Music and art room with piano, guitar, and art supplies
  • Wellness room with workout equipment and large screen TV
  • Community bathroom with access to washers and dryers
  • Common areas and residents’ rooms with wi-fi and ethernet access

DiningBoard Plan & Meals

All residents are required to have a meal card with dining dollars to use at the high school cafeteria, including facilities located at the University of the Incarnate Word.
  • University of the Incarnate Word Dining Locations
    • Campus Dining Hall: Buffet style dining
    • Hortencia’s: Chick-fil-A, deli sandwiches, fruit and vegetable combo packs for the student on the go and convenience items, etc.
    • Finnegan’s: Starbucks coffee, teas, assorted pastries and snacks
    • Luciano’s Pizzeria: Gourmet pizza, salads, chicken wings, cheese sticks, coffee and desserts.
  • Breakfast and Snacks
    • The residents request a list of breakfast and snack items which we use to develop our weekly grocery shopping list, so they can prepare their breakfast or after school snack.
  • Campus Dining (Holiday Closure)
    • During the holiday seasons when the campus dining facilities are closed, meals are provided from local restaurants and include cuisine from Asian, American, Italian, and Latin restaurants, etc.

Food BankCommunity Service

As part of the student experience, we provide mandatory community service opportunities to inspire residents to become global citizens, working to impact the world positively.
All residents attending Incarnate Word High School are required to complete 25 hours per academic year. Residents gain leadership skills and feel empowered to make a difference in the world one action at a time.

IWHS CampusSafety & Security

Students are our top priority when it comes to safety and security. We enforce curfews and require parent permission for residents that want to sign out with a friend or relative.
  • The staff set the alarm at the entrance/exit doors that lead to the exterior of Madeleine Hall at curfew.
    • Residents that are signed out to the UIW campus, Broadway Avenue locations must return by 7:15 p.m. curfew on Sunday – Saturday.
    • Residents that are signed out with an approved individual must be in by 11:30 p.m. curfew on Friday – Saturday.
    • In Spring, the curfew is extended until 8:00 p.m. for residents with good behavior and good grades.
Off-Campus Permission
  • Residents can sign-out on approved outings with individuals that are on their parent permission list. We require the following to approve off-campus sign-out:
    • Friend or family member must be listed on the resident’s off-campus permission list.
    • The individual that signs out the resident must provide a valid ID and insurance, as it applies.
    • Resident must abide by all local curfew laws.
    • Residents requesting overnight off-campus permission may be signed out by an approved adult that is 25 years of age or older.

AwardsAcademic Support

Madeleine Hall has a classroom set up within the residence hall to provide residents with a space that is conducive to learning.

Residents with grades lower than an 80 are provided tutoring from 7-9pm on Sunday-Thursday.

Students shoppingShopping Trips

We provide transportation on the weekend to local shopping malls, local restaurants, grocery stores, and international markets.

Residents can shop for their personal items and explore off-campus locations by signing up every week.

Workout roomUniversity Facilities

All high school residents have access to all the amenities at the University of the Incarnate Word facilities. High school residents must provide a student ID to gain access to the UIW facilities. 

  • Library
  • Media Center
  • Natatorium
  • UIW Dining Locations
  • Wellness Center