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Frequently Asked Questions

10 Questions New Boarding Students Ask

You will experience a residential setting that is an active, supportive, and exciting place to live and learn. Develop a network of lifetime friends, improve your academic performance, participate in social and educational activities. In a structured residential environment, you have the opportunity to become a self-reliant, independent and well-rounded individual.

Residents have access to the wellness center, natatorium, media center and library services on the University of the Incarnate Word campus.

Yes, during the housing application process, you will complete a questionnaire and tell us about your ideal roommate. We then match you up with a resident with a similar lifestyle. In subsequent years, you can request a specific person with whom to share a room. Madeleine hall has double rooms and some available single rooms for residents. Note: Depending on available spaces you may be considered for a single room based on your overall academic performance and behavior.

You must provide all your own bedding to include the following: Two sheet sets to include flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases for a standard twin bed, twin size bedspread, a pillow, blanket. In addition, you will need all your personal bath toiletries and towels: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bath towel, hand towel, bathrobe, slippers and/or shower shoes. Residents are responsible for doing their own laundry and will need a laundry bag, detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener. Some additional items that you may need for your personal needs are desk study lamp with bulb, alarm clock, a certified electrical surge protector power strip, desk organizer, and plastic hangers. Residents are required to purchase their own school supplies and school project supplies.

Yes, we highly encourage all residents to participate in after-school clubs, athletics, and tutoring. Residents involved in multiple after school activities build leadership skills and discipline. In addition, when applying for a college or university, the admissions counselors are looking for students that have demonstrated diverse interests in clubs/organizations and participation in sports.

All international residents are required to purchase the school insurance. Domestic students must provide an insurance plan or purchase school insurance. A student experiencing symptoms of illness needs to report them to the staff. We transport the student to the UIW Health Services Clinic or a provider off campus. The resident’s family covers all medical expenses and deposits an emergency fund at the Business Office for medical expenses.

We provide a calendar of scheduled weekly shopping trips for the year. The weekend trips include the local mall, shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores, and international markets. A resident can sign-up to attend those shopping trips to purchase personal items or needs. Residents can buy their own personal snacks and favorite foods at the different international markets: Chinese Market, Korean Market, Mexican Market, Vietnamese Market.

If a resident needs a haircut, we provide transportation to the local barbershop or salon. Any personal trips can be scheduled, by submitting a transportation request form and providing their availability.

Residents are allowed to stay overnight off-campus or go out on the weekend. The resident must have parent permission and have the individual on file on their off-campus parent permission list. In addition, the individual signing out the resident overnight must be 25 years or older. The resident submits a Student Outing Request form with the name, address and contact information of the person signing them out. At the time of sign-out, the individual must provide a valid form of identification and a copy of vehicle insurance. Note: On some weekends, residents are required to participate in the monthly community event or service project to experience as a community some of the fun and educational opportunities we offer.

Living within the residence hall is the same as living at home, residents have curfews here too. We abide by the Texas Juvenile Curfew Laws. If a student has a special situation, she may always discuss it with the Residence Life Coordinator to request an exception. Keep in mind that you would need parent permission to be signed out with your friend or family member.