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About Us

About IWHS

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  • Our History

    Incarnate Word High School was founded by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in 1881. The school had its beginning as a co-ed grade school located at the corner of Crosby and Willow St.

    In 1900, the Sisters moved to their new Motherhouse on grounds which they had purchased from Col. Brackenridge. The grade school was housed there and eventually evolved into the high school for girls.
    As Enrollment grew, University of Incarnate Word, then called Incarnate Word College, was founded, with many students from the high school enrolling. The growth of the college was swift, and it was deemed necessary to provide separate facilities for both institutions. 

    On September 12, 1950 the doors of the current Incarnate Word High School were opened. The San Antonio papers called it “The million-dollar school with a million-dollar view”.  Today it is one of the few all-girls’ schools in San Antonio and proudly boasts of its success in preparing young girls for university and for life.
  • Our Vision

    Grounded in academic excellence and service, Incarnate Word High School will be the premier Catholic college preparatory institution for young women.
  • Our Mission

    In a faith-based college preparatory environment, Incarnate Word High School prepares confident young women dedicated to academic excellence, Christian service, and social justice.
  • Our Philosophy

    Rooted in the mission of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, IWHS promotes a thorough knowledge of the Catholic faith. Through a faith-based, intellectually rigorous curriculum, the school provides opportunities for each student to develop self-discipline and all the dimensions of her person: intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, athletic, and aesthetic. The school encourages young women to be confident and strong citizens of our nation as well as the global community. IWHS nurtures young women who will be sensitive to the mediated character of God's presence with us and to the needs of the poor. The school strives to develop leaders who promote human dignity; are committed to social justice; and, through their spirit of Christian service, represent the healing presence of God in today's world.
  • Our Core Values

    Community of Faith
    Academic Excellence

Welcome to Incarnate Word High School

Established in 1881, by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Incarnate Word High School has served as a home of learning and spiritual growth for generations of young women from every walk of life.

We believe in a holistic process where students, parents, faculty, staff, sisters, alumni, and administration all work together to ensure academic success, a growth mindset and a belief in continual school improvement.

As a community, we know we need to prepare our young women for jobs that may not currently exist, using technology that is still being invented, to solve problems that have yet to be discovered. We can do this all by creating authentic, meaningful, and relevant learning experiences rooted in our Catholic upbringing.

Incarnate Word High School is a place where tradition grounds us in the spirit of community and learning happens at the speed of light. Together, we are building a better future for our students, our community, and our world. Generations have called this home and we are glad you have as well.

Praised be the Incarnate Word!