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Campus Improvements

Our campus is getting some upgrades!

Great things are coming to IWHS!

Starting October 18th, 2023, Incarnate Word High School will undergo construction to enhance the school's front entrance, modernize and secure Mt. Erin Circle, and install ADA accessibility ramps. This campus improvement project aims to make the front entrance accessible and provide more security.

Questions? Contact Paul Greco, Director of Operations and Special Projects, at pgreco@iwhs.org.

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What can we expect in 2024 when construction is complete?

    When construction is complete, our campus will have:
    • Front Entrance:
      • ADA-accessible ramps.
      • Additional handicapped parking.
      • Walkway for pedestrians.
    • Mt. Erin Circle:
      • More security with fencing closing the circle.
      • Additional lighting.
      • A comfortable outdoor courtyard for gatherings or community events.
    • The Hill:
      • Installation of a walkway stretching from the sidewalk on Hildebrand to the main driveway.
  • When will the construction be completed?

    The construction is projected to be completed by the end of April 2024.
  • Will the construction affect drop-off or pick-up?

    Construction will have minimal impact on drop-off and pick-up procedures. While the campus is an active construction site during the day, we have designated specific times for unhindered access to the front entrance to accommodate the drop-off and pick-up schedules. Please note the following access times:
    • Mornings: 7:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.
    • Afternoons: 2:50 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    Outside of these times, we kindly request that you allow extra time to enter the front entrance and exercise caution. Please follow any directions provided by the contractors or security officers during your arrival at the campus during construction hours. This policy applies to all schedules, including special ones such as half days and early releases. Our contractors will make adjustments accordingly.
    Please be aware that this plan may change, and we will promptly communicate any updates as needed.
  • Will construction disrupt classes on campus?

    No. We understand that construction noises might affect classrooms near the construction site, especially near Mt. Erin Circle. Still, we have been assured by the contractor that they will be mindful to the best of their ability not to disrupt class while working.
  • Can students eat outside for lunch?

    No. If there is an overflow during a lunch mod, students will be instructed to move to a different location. 
  • Will Mt. Erin Circle be closed?

    Yes, the entire area of Mt. Erin Circle will be closed. In addition, doors with access to Mt. Erin Circle will be closed off during construction: the door to Mt. Erin hall, the door to Madeleine Hall, and the door to the cafeteria near the stairwell.
  • Will Mt. Erin Hall be available for usage?

    Yes. Mt. Erin Hall will still be available for event space for school events throughout construction.