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Sponsor a Shamrock

Dear Shamrock,

Incarnate Word High School and the IWHS Alumnae Association are building the Shamrock community to contribute to the education of Shamrocks and bring alumnae together.

IWHS awarded over $300,000 in scholarships to approximately 120 Shamrocks this year. The IWHS Alumnae Association awarded $20,000 in scholarships to 20 Shamrocks this year.

Sponsor a Shamrock asks you to make a gift in any amount that will support student scholarships.

Think of the impact you can have! If Shamrocks sponsor Shamrocks, the possibility for future Shamrocks is unlimited. 

We do not know how many Shamrock alumnae we will reach this year. We also do not know how many Shamrock alumnae will agree to participate. 

We know that Shamrock alumnae benefitted greatly from attending IWHS and, if asked, would be willing to support current Shamrocks. With this framework, we believe that Shamrocks sponsoring Shamrocks will yield results far beyond our examples and expectations.