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Solar Sisters Journal on Solar and Lunar Images for DEB Project

The “Solar Sisters” enjoy journaling their experiences as they take images of the solar and lunar DEB project! Read their latest experience!
There is no ‘I’ in TEAM, but there is a ‘T’, ‘T’ for telescope!
Journal entry by Maddie
February 13, 2024
During our last lunar observation, the Incarnate Word DEBS Team faced many challenges. Uploading photos has been a recurring problem that we have run into, but usually we have been able to figure it out. However, this observation we were not able to. While all of us were frustrated and looking for new angles to find a solution, we resorted to humor to lighten the mood. Adding jokes inside our tedious work made it seem just the smallest bit more manageable. Our attempt to lighten the mood resulted in our telescope being named “Tellie.” Yes, we know it is silly and, honestly, not a creative name for a telescope, but it made us laugh and relax for a bit. Instead of seeing ourselves as amateur teens struggling with professional equipment, we saw ourselves as young women trying their hardest and using each of our strengths to work together to make progress on our uploading problem. We are a small team of young women all looking forward to careers in STEM and for many of us, the Einstein's Incredible Universe Dynamic Eclipse Broadcasting is one of our first big STEM opportunities. 

Journal entry by Lauren & Mackenzie
January 18, 2024
On Thursday, January 18th, some of the brightest minds here at IWHS participated in our first viewing of the sun and moon for the Dynamic Eclipse Project on the building rooftop for the best view! The team had to work diligently and patiently to set up the telescope and focus it on the right position to take breathtaking pictures of the sun and moon. Taking the pictures was no easy task, it took patience and problem solving. Through trial and error, they were able to learn and grow. All the girls were proud of the pictures they took and could not wait to take some more! 

Journal entry by Lauren & Mackenzie
January 28,2024
On Sunday, January 28th, the “Solar Sisters” met at the Igo Public Library and were faced with another challenging task! Their goal was to upload photos of the sun and locate sunspots. They ran into many obstacles, but they came together and figured out a solution! At one point they lost Wi-Fi support, could not adjust the telescope position, and experienced difficulty uploading images. Teamwork was crucial to their success! The girls were overjoyed and filled with pride. Others across the country were experiencing challenges too with images of tents, trees, and smoke detectors!  The “Solar Sisters” truly cannot wait to continue to grow and work harder as the eclipse day approaches on Monday, April 8, 2024!