It is felt within the hearts and minds of the Shamrock Community that we have a great responsibility to provide outstanding academic programs and support that are necessary to prepare our young ladies for the best educational and career paths they choose upon graduation from Incarnate Word High School. As a community, we are committed to a unique approach, using the vehicle of the modular system, to ensure our students become responsible and empowered young women.  Collectively, we focus on academic excellence, rigorous and competitive curriculum that is aligned with state and national standards, college readiness preparation, and a framework that prepares students intellectually, spiritually, socially, and mentally.

We are proud of our professional teaching staff composed of highly qualified educators who continue to improve their education, knowledge, and skills. We believe that by providing a safe, orderly, and accepting environment, students will maximize their academic potential as well as develop the necessary skills to respectfully and maturely interact with peers. As Incarnate Word Shamrocks, this will only reinforce and support their development into well-rounded, empowered young ladies ready to move to the next challenge in life.