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Modular System

Withstanding the test of time, the unique modular master schedule at Incarnate Word High School continues to facilitate the delivery of a strong, college preparatory instructional program and allows for innovative teaching and student-directed learning.  Recent graduates and alumnae, who now send their daughters to Incarnate Word, extoll the merits of this unique system.  Alumnae voice a debt of gratitude for learning the life values of self-discipline, short and long-term goal setting, self-reliance, and the sense of independence and control over their learning that the schedule fosters.  These very precise attributes are those specifically required for success in a university setting and life beyond.

The modular schedule is composed of seventeen twenty-minute modules per day. It is designed to allow students to experience a quasi-college-style schedule and permits students to schedule their personal “open lab” time for library research, visitation with faculty, testing, and laboratory activities between scheduled classes. Students quickly adapt to the schedule and appreciate the opportunity for interaction with faculty, as well as time for research and class work during the regular school day.