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Our goal through the end of May is to ensure student achievement for all students.  Instructors developed LAPs with flexible deadlines that engaged students according to state standards. Amidst COVID-19, we expect that this eLearning experience will leave an indelible mark upon the hearts and minds of our students especially our seniors.  Please know that our decisions were formulated to create a digital learning environment engineered for academic excellence.  We understand that it has not been easy during this unprecedented season which is why we remain committed to your daughter's well-being.        

That being said, we are proud to announce that in place of traditional final exams, students will be taking summative assessments for the Spring semester.  The summative assessments will have the same weight as LAP tests instead of 15%-20% of the students’ final grade.  We want to give students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned all semester.  Examples of summative assessments include portfolios, essays, multiple choice questions, discussion questions, posters, diagrams, projects, writing or performing a skit or scene, videos, investigations, presentations, or self-reflections.  More details are listed below. 


Traditional Testing - Math & Science - (see attached testing calendar)

  • The testing window for students will be 8 AM to 8 PM on the designated day (see calendar).
  • Once a student starts the test, they must finish it in the allotted time. 
  • Regular: 1 hr 30 min
  • Accommodations: 2 hr 15 min
  • Teachers must be available throughout the day in case students have technical issues.  Contact your teacher immediately if there is problem.
  • Students must complete the test on the designated day unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Any change of test day will need to be approved by Dr. Barr. 
  • If a student has multiple tests in the same subject, they need to contact Guidance ASAP.

Alternative Assessments - English, Social Studies, Religion, Foreign Language, and Electives - (see attached testing calendar)

  • All classes have extended periods of time to finish alternative assessments (see calendar). 
  • SENIORS - Turn in no later than: MAY 15
  • UNDERCLASSMEN - Turn in no later than: MAY 28

Over the next several days, do your best to submit all missing assignments in your courses to secure a grade of 70% or above.  Any grade below a 70% may require summer school to earn credit.  Final semester grades will be available on the family portal on May 30th @ 12:00 PM.

We recommend that you continue to communicate with your instructors as much as possible to make this an extraordinary year and to finish strong.  


Believe in yourself and know that success looks good on you!  


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