Yes! (Luke 1:38a)

Rosi Cortez
A few weeks ago I was in a drive thru ordering a coffee and the server asked me several questions, “Do you want soy milk?” what size would you like?”, “Do you want iced or hot coffee?”. At the end she asked me, “Will that be all?”  As I received my order and drove off, I was struck with the question, “Will that be all?” I had been thinking of my lesson for my peer ministry class that morning centered on Mary’s Fiat, a Latin word for, “let it be done.”  Mary’s fiat was an immediate acceptance of and consent to God’s will in her life. As I drove, I thought about Mary, a young girl, younger than my Peer Minsters, and her fiat, “let it be done.”  This is Mary’s way to accept with a resounding faith that which was asked of her and in doing so become a model for all of us.

I shared my coffee experience with class that morning. We discussed the many decisions in our daily lives.  Some so simple (coffee choices) and others so life changing. It is at the life changing moments that we can turn to the Blessed Mother and follow her example of “Yes”, letting the Lord fully into our lives. Not always easy for any of us to do. This requires us to trust in the Lord and let ourselves go, to recognize that in even in the briefest of experiences we are not alone; we are never alone.  This is Mary’s way.  
Can we all do this? My peer ministers and I assure you that we can all say, Yes!  Yes, to the small miracles in our lives, yes, for strength during these challenging times, yes, to recognize those who need mercy, and yes, to let the Lord into our hearts.
Incarnate Word High School, let us join our hearts and say, Yes!
Mary, my dearest mother,
Give me your heart
So beautiful, so pure, so
Immaculate, so full of love
And humility, that I may
Receive Jesus as you did—
And go in haste to give him
To others.   
 Mother Theresa of Calcutta

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